Tiger Watch: Get The Number On That Jet


Get the Number on That Jet?

By Chad Napier

During many of the HBC searches in Knoxville, rumors of Jon Gruden’s private plane arriving in Vol Country would circulate on the message boards each and every week. Similar non-founded speculators would proclaim such arrival at every campus looking for someone who isn’t coming to bring the home team to the promised land.

Now the week before the Masters, we hear Tiger Woods’ private plane has a Sunday to Sunday manifest next week. He is not handcuffed by commercial airline schedules of course. It’s a private plane, meaning he can come and go as he pleases.

Tiger Woods, however, is not the Jon Gruden of the PGA. We know he is planning on attending the Champions dinner, but what everyone wants to know is whether he will be teeing it up along the way.

Reading any possible tea leaf available in order to break the story of him actually entering the show is like trying to read whether the girl from study hall who asked for a pen because she needed a pen or because she wanted to go out. Surely she had a pen and could have asked anyone for a pen, but she asked me for a pen. She then said “thank you” when she returned it. Surely if she wasn’t interested, she would have just said “thanks”.

Surely if Tiger wasn’t going to play, he would just skip town as soon as dessert is completed. By the way, my waitress at the Augusta airport this morning during breakfast went by the name of Shirley. It’s fate! We want . . nah we desperately want Tiger to play this year irrespective of whether he is able physically or mentally to do so. How many of these comebacks can he do before he and the rest of his throng give up?

Who exactly do we really want – the just “make a cut Tiger”? Never, we want major champion, “red-shirt on Sunday” Tiger because he has spoiled us with greatness. Just like we want 2010 Drake and not the 2014 subsequent Drake, we want 90’s country and not bro-country, we want the Reagan and not the Trump, we want the 1960’s stuff and not this new greenery, and of course we want our old health insurance back.

Somewhere down the line, we suppose we can change who people really are no matter the circumstance or high the expectation. New is not old and therefore new is not good.

Tiger knows the golf world wants Scotty Cameron Tiger. Heck, Tiger wants that guy back too, but whatever his desire I feel he is happy with what he has got – two healthy kids, financial freedom and memories to last everyone on Earth’s lifetime.

Let’s don’t relegate our Tiger to a “Jon Gruden Tiger” as we still think to ourselves “how can JG be happy talking in the booth instead on the sidelines?” Is it possible to let ourselves just be happy, enjoy our lives . . . . and of course play that “Thank Me Later” album while remembering the “better than most” putt from time to time because if we think about it our lives as they are are indeed “better than most”!


Chad Napier-Contributor

Chad Napier is an attorney who when not in the court room travels around the country playing golf every chance he get’s.  Along the way he has made friends with PGA Tour players, caddies, and fan’s like you and me. You can follow Chad on Twitter at @ChaddyNap

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