2018 Masters: What we heard at Augusta this week

Tiger Woods


Q: How was it out there today?

“It was a blast. Any time that you can play this event, that means you’re doing something special, you got invited here. So being here with the family, being here with some of the kids here, with a disability, giving them hope and joy and their families hope and joy, smiles to their faces, it’s a blessing.”- Bubba Watson

Q: What would it mean to you to slip on the green jacket?

“I mean, it would mean everything, obviously. I mean, it would fulfill a life‑long dream of‑‑ I mean you go back to videos of me when I’m eight, nine years old saying I want to be the best player in the world and win all the Majors. That’s what I wanted to do from a young age, a young boy, and, yeah, it would fulfill a life‑long dream.:- Rory McIlroy

Q. Do you still talk to Tiger to get tips on Augusta?

” I think that Tiger’s probably going to be a little bit more‑‑ a little harder to get stuff out of than he was when he was hurt when I was asking him questions. Justin Thomas

“But it’s just that like any place it’s important to learn things, but there’s a reason Freddie Couples has made the cut every time he plays, most of the times he plays here or has contended as many times as he has played here and not other places.”-Justin Thomas

:From the sounds of it, no. Anybody that played against him say that you don’t want that. So I don’t know, I can’t win. If I say I want to play against him, I can’t beat him; and then if I say that I don’t want to play against him, they say that I’m backing down from a challenge. So I don’t really know what to say.:- Justin Thomas


Q. Are you looking into buying one of those long sleeve shirts Phil was wearing Wednesday?

“I always give him a little bit of grief about that. The only thing that was missing was a tie.”

Tiger Woods

Q: How is the back feeling this week?

“The rest of my body’s doing fantastic. I feel great. I feel like I’ve really put a lot of pieces together. We have worked on what body parts to get stronger, what body parts need to be more limber, and I feel fantastic. It’s just a matter of now going out there and competing and playing and posting numbers.”- Tiger Woods

Q: People are saying if you win this week it will be one of the biggest comebacks in sports history. What do you think?

“As far as greatest comebacks, I think that one of the greatest comebacks in all of sport is the gentleman who won here, Mr. Hogan. I mean, he got hit by a bus and came back and won Major Championships. The pain he had to endure, the things he had to do just to play, the wrapping of the leg, all the hot tubs and just the‑‑ how hard it was for him to walk, walk period, and he ended up walking 36 holes and winning a U.S. Open. And that’s just‑‑ that’s one of the greatest comebacks there is, and it happens to be in our sport.”- Tiger Woods

Q. When was the last time you felt as good as you are now?
TIGER WOODS: It’s been probably seven, eight years.


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