Brandel Chamblee Thinks Tiger Woods Competitive Career Is Over



Brandel Chamblee has never been know to avoid a question or a chance to express his opinion on anything golf related.

Today when joining the Dan Patrick show he was hit with a question he knew would be coming and he didn’t pull any punches in his answer.

Patrick asked, “Tiger’s competitive career is over?”  To which Chamblee without hesitation answered, ” Yes, I think so.”

For a question he has been asked maybe more than anyone other than Hank Haney and Butch Harmon, who together coached Woods to 14 major victories, Chamblee left little doubt on why he thinks Woods will never be competitive again:

“It’s the perfect storm of things to rob you of your game. A bad back, a change of golf swing, problems with your short game — big problems with your short game. Those are competitive things, and that’s the trifecta of things to rob you of your career.”

When asked how Woods got injured, Chamblee said he believes it was from working out.


“When he came out on tour he had the perfect body for golf, long limbs, great speed. He traded all that speed for strength. As he got bigger his golf swing got shorter. As it got shorter it got flatter, and then it got quicker. And his change of direction became speedy and flashy instead of fluid”, explained Chamblee.

“Hank Haney talked about in his book, The Big Miss, of Woods training with all these Special Forces. Butch (Harmon) talked about how Tiger would go away for two weeks and come back and be bigger. He would go away for another two weeks and be even bigger. So he couldn’t do all the things he could do previously,” said Chamblee.

“I would need to see a twenty pound slimmer Tiger Woods if you told me he was coming back,” Chamblee said when asked if Tiger tried to come back.

Brandel Chamblee is an analyst for Golf Channel and a former PGA Tour professional. 

The rest of the clip can be heard below.




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