Arnold Palmer Invitational: Best quotes from Friday

Henrik Stenson


Best quotes from players following Friday’s second round at the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

Today was a hard fight. It was a grind. It wasn’t sharp, but I hung in there and just kept grinding away and chipped away at the golf course. I didn’t hit the ball close, I didn’t hit the ball well, but I was just hanging in there, hanging in there and just try not to shoot myself out of the tournament, just keep myself in the tournament. I thought something in the red would be great and I just wasn’t quite able to do it, but came close.- Tiger Woods

I planned a lot in terms of my playing schedule here and then this month too to get ready for Augusta. I like to play the week before a Major, so I’m playing Houston, I’m passing on the Match Play next week to get a little bit of a breather and some more practice and so far so good.-Henrik Stenson

I know it’s a golf course that really suits my game. You got to hit a lot of fairways and greens and putt well and that seems to be working pretty well for me at the moment. So I’m just going to keep on playing my game, sticking to the same game plan and hopefully keep on making birdies. It’s a packed leaderboard, so yeah, I certainly got to keep my foot down and keep on pressing on if I want to get a victory.- Henrik Stenson

It was okay. It was a little scrappier today than it was yesterday. A few more missed greens or felt like it anyway. But short game was good, putting was good, played the par-5s a little bit better, still not quite the way I wanted to, but I guess I would have been pleased if it was something in the 60s and shooting 70 is, it was okay.-Rory McIlroy

I went to the longer putter, using a 34 and a quarter. Sort of let’s me just be a little more comfortable with it. I’m not quite as sort of stiff and wooden and, so, yeah, just a couple little things and basically just went back to a length and a sort of feel that I have had success with.-Rory McIlroy

I’m pretty messed up. It’s always, everything goes back to really the first half of the swing, the take away to the top of the swing, getting the club in the proper position at the top kind of allows me to have full control through the rest of the swing. So if it doesn’t start off right, then we’re just trying to play catch up. So big thing is getting the club in the right spot at the top and then really been working on releasing the club properly through impact. So when I’m hitting a draw I have to feel like my glove is almost trying to face the ground through impact with my left hand. So which feels really awkward when you got trouble both ways. It’s scary at times.-Rickie Fowler

I think every week I’m good enough to win or play my best. It’s just sometimes a kick here, a break here and that’s just what happens, you don’t get always get a sky ship rocketed up to the top of the leaderboard like I have and unfortunately that’s the way it goes sometimes, but this week it’s going the right way.-Bryson DeChambeau

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