Best Quotes of the Week From The RBC Heritage


The RBC Heritage was a great event this year and we have found the best quotes of the week.

Wesley Bryan won at Harbor Town for his first victory on the PGA Tour. He became the first player from S.C. to win in the 49 year history of the tournament.

The first winner was Arnold Palmer in 1969.

Quotes of the Week


“I don’t know. Will Farrell said it best, “Escalated quickly.” Honestly I’ve got no idea. It’s still kind of surreal. Maybe one day I’ll wake up and kind of realize what’s gone on the last, I don’t know, 15 months or so.”    Wesley Bryan on how did he get his first win on tour so fast. 

“101. Actually I shot 100, but I signed for 101. Actually I just decided to sign it. But I learned my lesson, check every number about.”   Wesley Bryan when asked if it was true he shot 102 once as a college golfer.

“This is the best case scenario winning this week, now I’ve got 51 weeks to get ready for Augusta in my own city. So that’s like, honestly, a dream come true. Call it my home golf course for the next 51 weeks.”  Wesley Bryan who lives in Augusta on qualifying for the 2018 Masters.

“I got up on 18 tee and honestly I had a little bit of throw up in my mouth. Don’t know if I’m suppose to say that.”  Wesley Bryan on how nervous he was. 

“Yeah, finally. And you all can quit asking us about it.”  SC native Kevin Kisner on a player from SC finally winning at Harbor Town.

“Some of the trees missing has really helped,never seen the course in as good of shape.” Luke Donald on Harbor Town losing over 300 trees in hurricane last year. 

“You keep reminding me of it. I’m playing golf like I really don’t care, to be honest. I’ve had to work a lot on clearing everything out of my mind to go and play golf. And that’s obviously what I needed to do to play some good golf. And I’m not thinking about it. I’m trying not to think about it. Obviously you keep asking the questions, so it’s right there.”   Ian Poulter when told he has two weeks to earn enough points to keep his Tour card.

“Hopefully a little bit of coming back to what I really feel like I can play. The last couple of years have been a struggle. But I still feel like I’ve got some good years in me. And obviously I play well around here and I need to try and finish off this weekend.” Luke Donald on what winning this week would mean.

“I played golf with Jason Bohn and Carl Pettersson and Rod Pampling, guys that have been out here a long time. We’re up having lunch special and they’re asking me questions about my granddad the entire lunch. And that’s cool to me. They’re not doing it because they’re nice, they do it because they really loved the guy. And they loved him as much as we all do. So that’s been as special as anyone to see the outpouring at all the tournaments, but also the other players. It’s remarkable to see.” Sam Saunders on the tributes to his late Grandfather Arnold Palmer

“He used to always say to me, you’ve got to have a system. You’ve got to have a system. I was too young to understand what he meant by that for a long time. And then eventually I realized what he was talking about. That means I needed to develop a way how I needed to approach golf. How am I going to practice. How am I going to play. How do you swing the golf club. When you figure out that system, don’t listen to anybody. He was very hard on me about that. He’d get very upset if I ever were to go seek out advice from anyone other than him. And it wasn’t because he thought that everything he said was right, it was because he knew I wasn’t sticking to my system. He wanted me to stick to my guns through thick and thin and stick to the system that I developed.”  Sam Saunders on some of the wisdom passed on to him by his Grandfather, Arnold Palmer

When you win the RBC Heritage and are wearing the Tartan jacket, where do you go to celebrate.  Taco Bell of course !

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