Costcos Kirkland Four Piece Ball Back In Stock

Costco rocked the golf world last year coming out with a ball many players compared to best selling balls by Titleist and other manufacturers, the Costco Kirkland Golf Ball.

Golfers not only loved the way the ball felt, and the distance they got off the tee, but the price was insane for such a quality ball.

You’ve heard, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.”  Well the balls lasted just a few weeks and then Costco posted signs in stores and online they were out of stock.

Some people were buying the two dozen ball package for 29.99 and selling them for prices close to $80 on Ebay and other online merchants.  Many golfers bought them because they might be “collectable” since predictions were made they could not continue to sell them at such a low price without losing money.

Costco has a very simple philosophy of going to market with all their products.  They never mark anything up over 15% above their cost, and they are constantly looking for a way to lower their prices.

Years ago they started selling a foot long hot dog with chips and a drink for $1.50.  Today with inflation that meal would cost at least $4.50 anywhere else, but not Costco.  When their manufacturer of the foot long hot dog raised their price to Costco to the point they could not sell them for $1.50 any longer, Costco built their own manufacturing plant which today makes millions of hot dogs each year.  The price?  Still $1.50.

Another one of their keys to marketing is to offer most items in bulk, and just one brand. If you are shopping for ketchup you will only find one brand, not five or six to choose from. Their marketing plan eliminates the consumer having to stand in an isle trying to decide which one to buy, so they make the decision for you based on quality, and price.

So, most likely this is the only golf ball they will ever sell, but there is proof now they will sell.

Costco secured a new manufacturer that can keep up with demand, something they did not have in the past.

I have had followers ask me on Twitter every week when the Costco balls would be back.  Now I can say, yes they are back.

Check with your local store before you go shopping, as not all the locations have them in stock, but they are available online. Golf Digest has given them the Gold Hot List for 2017 designation.

Online purchases are limited to two dozen per customer with shipping and handling of 4.99.

The ball conforms with USGA and R&A Rules according to Costcos website.


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