Hank Haney defends Pat Perez and his comments on Tiger


Ever since Pat Perez made comments on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio about Tiger Woods future in golf, it has been the hottest topic on the PGA Tour.

Perez was commenting on Woods future on a radio show along with Michael Collins of ESPN. Here is link to the original comments which have caused some controversy. Pat Perez on Tiger Woods

Since the original airing of the show, Perez has been trying to put his comments into context, and says parts of the show were edited.

Wednesday night he went back on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio and the “Katrek and Maginnes on Tap” show and tried to explain his comments from the earlier show. Here is link to Wednesday nights show. Pat Perez explains comments about Woods

Perez was obviously concerned about the controversy his comments have caused. During a lengthy interview with Katrek and Maginnes he at one point said,” I will just quit the radio show, get off of Twitter, and social media.”  Perez had already closed his Twitter account before he made comments on Tigers future.

Today on Hank Haneys show on SiriusXm, Haney defended Perez comments. You can hear the latest of this hot topic by clicking the link below.

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