Hank Haney says take it to the bank, Tiger Woods playing in Hero World Challenge

TIger Woods, Hank Haney


Top instructor Hank Haney says “Take it to the bank, he’s circled that tournament on the calendar”, referring to Tiger Woods returning to competitive golf in the Hero World Challenge. Haney made that prediction via Twitter this week.

With Woods posting video’s of his swing on social media, it has started the usual speculation that has followed Woods through all his injuries and subsequent comebacks, when will he play again?

To Haney it appears to be a done deal.

Haney knows Woods golf game perhaps better than anyone, and yet has never been as vocal and confident in predicting what the future holds for his former student.

Under Haney’s coaching, Woods won his last six major championships, and averaged a win in more than one out of every three events he entered.

The highly respected Haney hosts his own show on SiriusXM PGA Tour radio.  This week he shared why Woods would return at the Hero World Challenge.

“They are going to toy with everyone, that is just what they do. But Tiger’s playing at the Hero World Challenge. He’s not going to wait till February to play again”, said Haney on The Hank Haney show on SiriusXM PGA Tour radio. “He’s chomping at the bit. He is in great golf shape, whatever that means.”

Hank Haney on Tiger Woods return…

“I think you’re going to see him. Well I don’t think you’re going to see him, I know you’re going to see him. You’re going to see him at the Hero.”- Hank Haney

Haney has to of been pleased to see Woods video of the return of the “Stinger” shot made famous by Woods in his prime. Haney, an Ambassador for MyGolfDaily, said via Twitter, “I never understood why he got rid of his best shot in the first place.”


Many golf insiders have predicted Woods goal for a return would be the 2018 Masters, but I will go with Haney. Expect to see him at the Hero World Challenge.

“Book it”, as Haney says!



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