John Daly’s PGA Championship driver sold for $17,300.40 in auction

John Daly



John Daly’s Cobra Driver used to win the 1991 PGA Championship sold Sunday for $17,300.40 .  The bid started on November 21, 2017 at $1,000 and had 31 bids till the end of the auction.



This is an update from our original article last week when the current bid was over $4,000. 

Read the history of the club and Daly’s once in a lifetime good fortune of getting in to the 1991 PGA Championship as the 9th alternate.

Original Article-

John Daly’s Cobra Driver Used to Win the 1991 PGA Championship is up for auction at Green Jacket Auctions.

John Daly

The famous driver used by John Daly, who got in the field of the 1991 PGA Championship as an alternate, started bids at $1,000. As of this writing there have been 17 bids and the highest is $4,176. The auction will end on Sunday.

1991 PGA Championship

Details from Green Jacket Auctions

At the 1991 PGA Championship, an unknown golfer named John Daly shocked the world by winning his first Major Championship. Daly was 9th alternate and did not even show up in time for a practice round, but brought Crooked Stick to its knees with a driving display unlike anything anyone had seen before.

Offered here is the actual driver that was used by John Daly in that historic round. When you think of John Daly, you think of him hitting a driver with his “grip it and rip it” style. Well, this is the very driver that launched his career – and changed the future of golf forever.

John Daly’s driver from the 1991 PGA Championship is a highly unusual 44 1/2 driver with Cobra composite kevlar head with a titanium shaft. After Daly’s victory, he gave the driver to famed architect Pete Dye, who designed Crooked Stick Golf Club. This exact driver is featuring on the cover of Sports Illustrated following John Daly’s historic victory. An associate for Pete Dye did use the driver for over a year after Daly’s victory, so it does have some additional use. Though the shaft appears original, some tinkering with its connection to the head has slightly changed the shaft alignment. Otherwise this club is 100% original. Accompanying this driver is a letter of provenance from longtime Pete Dye associate.

Letter of Provenance from Pete Dye Associate, Longtime Employee of The Dye Group / Dye Designs

John Daly 91 PGA


After seeing a Golf Magazine article about this auction, Dick Liesz, the then-VP of Technical Services for Cobra that produced this club for Daly reached out to us to provide additional info. He also remarked that seeing this driver again “brought back some very fond memories.”

This is the club that we designed for John Daly when he won the PGA Championship at Crooked Stick in 1991.

The head material is called “Lauramid” and was invented in Germany.  It not only offered high wear resistance, an inch thick piece of it would stop a .357 magnum bullet at point blank range.  My right hand guy and I took a head to the curb and poured concentrated muriatic acid on it — nothing happened to the head, but the cement curb got eaten away.

Daly at the time had a 142 mph clubhead speed and he cracked every metal wood driver head that he tried.  His agent came to us and asked if we could fit him with something that he could play with. The head only has 6.5 degrees of loft… It was an extra firm titanium shaft powder coated translucent red.


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