Jon Rahm to donate portion of winnings at WGC to Mexico earthquake relief

Jon Rahm


Jon Rahm announced Wednesday at the WGC-Mexico Championship that a portion of his winnings would go toward continued relief efforts for victims of the Mexico earthquakes.

“Well, for people that don’t know, while the hurricanes were hitting the southeast coast of the United States, there were also some bad things happening here. There was a bad earthquake that hit Mexico City and I think a couple days ago last week there was another earthquake that hit Mexico and they were both pretty hard and pretty high on the scale,” spoke Rahm to the media at the WGC event this week.

Several players including Rahm donated to the Red Cross during the Fed Ex Cup playoffs in the fall of last year.

Rahm’s donation could be significant depending on how he plays, with $1,000 for every birdie, and $3,000 for every eagle made this week.

“I thought we’re doing great things with playing this great event in Mexico helping out the golf community, but why stop there? Right now a lot of us donated money during the FedExCup Playoffs for the hurricane relief, for the help. So I decided this week, much like I did last year, I’m going to donate for every birdie that I make and every eagle that I make,” said Rahm.

“It’s all going to go towards the Mexican Red Cross to help out these people in need. Hopefully I get a lot of birdies and a lot of eagles to help out as much as possible.”

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