Lee Trevino tells a hilarious story about Arnie’s last competitive round


Since the passing of legend Arnold Palmer weeks ago, most of us who loved the man so much have been mourning the loss of the King.  As time goes on, that grief will turn to wonderful memories of the legend who changed the game of golf forever.

Because Palmer loved everyone, and never said no to anyone, it seems everyone has a personal Palmer story. Lee Trevino has one of the best, if not the most hilarious which Arnie would get a laugh out of too.

In typical Lee Trevino fashion, he talked about how he was playing with Arnie when he began having trouble seeing the pin. Palmer decided right then this would be his last competitive round and withdrew from the tournament. But knowing that the crowd came out to see him play, Palmer didn’t want to leave them disappointed, so he played the rest of the round as an exhibition so the fans could watch him. That was the class that Palmer exhibited his entire career, it was all about the fans.

Here’s the video of Trevino telling it: and notice Trevino knowing the situation, had a personal mission too.  Enjoy this classic story…….from 2013.



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