Louis Oosthuizen withdraws from Johannesburg Open after freak accident

Louis Oosthuizen


Louis Oosthuizen, the The 2010 Open champion, is forced to withdraw from the Johannesburg Open after hurting his fingers between two airport trollies.

The freak accident happened as he returned to South Africa from competing at the Mauritius Open last weekend.

Oosthuizen is in severe pain and unable to grip his clubs. He said he did not want to risk starting a tournament he could not finish and deny another player the chance to compete.

‘This morning is even worse than it was yesterday, so I tried to grip a golf club but there’s no way I can go to my grip position,’ said Oosthuizen as he spoke to the media Wednesday.

‘It’s a bit of an unfortunate one, but I don’t want to tee off Thursday and play one hole or a few shots and then withdraw after taking someone’s spot. You know, I just can’t do that. So, I’m going to have to withdraw from this one.’

Cody Martin of the U.S. will replace Oosthuizen in the event.

Oosthuizen is scheduled to participate in the Louis57 foundation Golf Day, December 13th.

The major champion is currently ranked 23rd in the Official World Golf Rankings.

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