One-on-One with Butch Harmon

From the “Let’s do this Interview Series”

Q – In the “Post Tiger Era”, is the game of golf in a good spot?

A – “I think it’s in a great place. I think we are seeing the changing of the guard like we saw it way back in the old days with Hogan, Nelson, and Sneed, then Palmer came along, then Nicholas came along, then Trivino, Watson, Norman, then Tiger and Phil. We don’t know what’s going to happen with Tiger, we all hope that he comes back and plays but I think that’s a big if. Phil’s 46 years old, he still has the desire to compete and shows that he still can compete but we are seeing the young people take over and I think its very refreshing. If you look at golf in the old days [the Ben Hogans, Jack Nicolas, Tiger Woods of the world] and how focused they were when they played and you see the players today coming down the back nine on Sunday of a major championship and they are in this zone. They are a product of their age group and social media is such a big thing. These guys are all on social media and they convey themselves a little differently to the public and I think its very refreshing to see.“

Q – “Do you think instruction is in a good place today?

A – “Well I think there is a lot of it, I don’t know if it’s good or bad! I think technology has taken over instruction a lot more than I would like to see. I’m 72 years old and I’ve been a pro for 51 years, I’m kind of an old school teacher. Do I use technology? Yes of course I do. I use video cameras and launch monitors when I think they are necessary, but it’s not the total structure of what I do. Technology has become a huge part, especially in the young teaching professionals, and I’m not sure that’s good. We were all taught in the old days that we teach off the ball and that the ball pretty much tells us everything we need to know. That’s how I was taught to teach by my dad. Now days I watch a lot of the young instructors and they never even watch the ball. They just turn and look at a video replay or a print out on a launch monitor and take all their information from that. A lot of people will say that’s just how it is in modern times, but I don’t think that’s good. I think you need to understand the person you are dealing with such as their physical capabilities, flexibility, strengths/weaknesses and it’s not all there on that computer.”

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