PGA Tour: Quotes of the week

Rory McIlory


The PGA Tour held the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill Lodge and Club this past week.

Here are the best quotes we heard at the tournament!


It focused your mind. I was definitely more nervous today – it took me a hole or two to settle into my round 100 percent, just because there’s more energy out there on the course.” – on getting used to playing in a group with Tiger Woods again.–Justin Rose

“I was going to go over and have a chat with him. I think it’s gotten a little much, to be honest. I think they need to limit the alcohol sales on the course, or they need to do something, because every week it seems like guys are complaining about it more and more.” – suggesting the possibility of limiting alcohol sales at PGA Tour events after a fan repeatedly yelled his wife’s name (Erica) during the third round at the Arnold Palmer Invitational.– Rory McIlroy

“After a little bit of thought I said, you know what, that sounds like something I really want to do. I called [Tour commissioner Jay Monahan] and said, ‘Hey Jay, might you be interested in me possibly being the captain of the 2019 Presidents Cup team?’ Silence. Then he said, ‘Yeah, I think we might be able to work that out.’ So here I am.” – on the decision to captain the 2019 U.S. Presidents Cup team.–Tiger Woods

“Dude, if I knew I’d tell you.” – when asked how he produced the fastest club-head speed on the PGA Tour this season – 129.2 mph – after four back surgeries, including fusion surgery to his lower back in April.–Tiger Woods

It was a great two weeks of being in contention again. I feel like I’m getting a little better. Great playing by Rory today to win at the King’s place. Arnie would have been proud of golf today and the charges!!!–Tiger Woods

“Used to be you would see fans with beer, now it seems everyone has a cocktail in their hand.”–Rory McIlroy

“This is going to be controversial, but I think if he had never gone to the gym he would have played better. I’m not sure in golf you need to be ripped.” Johnny Miller on Rory McIlroy

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