Quotes from Saturday at the PGA Championship


Despite perfect weather today, scores were higher than the previous two days in the PGA Championship at Quail Hollow. The course that received rave reviews from players earlier in the week, produced some complaints and frustration today in the third round.

Quotes from Saturday at the PGA Championship

“I guess at this stage of the tournament what is the point. You may as well try to get it down there. I swear the rough is growing overnight. There was a couple of spots out there I hit it, I thought I was okay and I could barely get it to the green. The 5th hole, the 11th hole. There was a couple of spots I hit it I thought it was okay. I had a wedge in my hand. Out of the rough usually it’s okay, but it just sinks right to the bottom of this Bermuda and you’ve got no shot from there. I hit a good driver on 11 to get it up close. Try to get wedge in my hand. You’d rather be 300 in the fairway than 350 in the rough. I’m not giving up that much. We’ll see what I do tomorrow.”  Rory McIlroy on rough at Quail Hollow

“I’m happy I’m in the position I’m in. I had a chance to run away from guys and take people out of the tournament that were four or five, six back, and I didn’t do it. Now I’m in a dogfight tomorrow and I have to be prepared for that. I’ve been happy with the driver all week. I drove it really well, and then today I hit a lot of great putts that just burned edges and I thought the greens were more difficult to hold putts. Nobody in our group made hardly anything. Obviously not many in the field did, with the scores, and hopefully tomorrow, they will all start falling.”  Kevin Kisner, the leader after 54 holes

“No, it was just the heat. I thought it was super hot. Standing around in 105 probably heat index is not a whole lot of fun. It’s difficult on your mental game, I think as much as anything, as the heat. I’m pretty used to slow play; you watch us every week. (Laughter).” Kevin Kisner on if the slow pace of play bothered him.

“I mean, it’s a major championship. You want it to play tough. You want tough pin placements in the right spots. I think they have done a good job of that. You know, having a hole like 8, where you can push it up there, and 14, where the last two days, it’s been very drivable. I’ve been hitting 2-iron there to the front edge and it’s drivable for everyone. And so giving you plenty of opportunities to take advantage of and make birdies out here. But not every hole is supposed to be a birdie hole.”  Rickie Fowler on tough pin placements

“I like to think that I’m mature now and I can manage an under par round when I don’t have my best stuff. I think that’s why I feel like I’m ready to win a major championships now versus last year, I probably didn’t have that. Because you are going to have a day, usually at least a day in the tournament where you don’t have your best. You are not hitting it well. It’s what you can do with it.”  Justin Thomas on winning a major

“Stay relaxed. That’s a key for me. I’ve got a lot of weeks in a row. I’m playing well. There’s no reason for me to worry about anything. I’m putting well. I’m chipping well.”  Chris Stroud

“They have SubAir, so the course is only playing longer because of the fairways. The greens are maybe just a little less firm than they were before the rain yesterday. They are pretty similar. They are definitely different than they were after the rain yesterday. They are much firmer than they were there. The pins are on knobs. Unless you are in a perfect location, your putt has to be absolutely perfect. You really only have half the hole to make a lot of putts because of where the pins are. That’s the defense of the golf course for sure.” Jordan Spieth

“I think we are seeing a trend in golf when courses are redone, they are 99 percent of the time harder. The players I’ve talked to this year, they love coming to Charlotte, they love Quail Hollow, they love our club. I think the big vote is it’s maybe a little too difficult. But again, I say that, it’s up to whoever sets up the golf course each day. They can set it up however they want. A hole like 18 is 500 yards, over six yards over the back of the tee and the pin is front left. I’m not complaining, it’s really difficult. You are going to have some guys play well today. My game is not quite there to play well on a golf course like this. Just got to keep plugging along.”  Webb Simpson- a member of Quail Hollow

“I’m disappointed the way I played today. However, I’m happy to just to be one stroke back and still have a chance and looking forward to tomorrow.” Hideki Matsuyama

“It’s the type of golf course you don’t have to go out and make birdies. You just need to keep everything together. If I can have a solid start tomorrow and get to the 14th hole and see where I am, anything can happen from 14.”  Louis Oosthuizen



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