Ryder Cup heckler sinks putt, wins $100 from Justin Rose


It will be hard to find a better Ryder Cup moment than one at Hazeltine today.

A heckler called out Rory McIlroy and Andy Sullivan for missing multiple putts at the sixth green. He kept yelling, “you can’t make that putt”, so Henrik Stenson pulled him out of the gallery and told him to make it.

Out comes David Johnson from North Dakota, wearing jeans and a red shirt, smiling from ear to ear and showing no nerves as he prepares to put his putting skills where his mouth is, so to speak.

Justin Rose put down a $100 dollar bill at the ball as an extra incentive before Johnson putted in front of thousand of screaming fans.

Johnson used Andy Sullivan’s putter and rammed it in the back of the hole and the roar was as loud as a Tiger roar on a Sunday afternoon.

McIlroy, Rose, Stenson, and Sullivan all gave him hugs and seemed happier than Johnson was.

All in good spirit, which is what the Ryder Cup is about.

Video below…….




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