Michael Breed

“I have been going to Michael for a couple of years now. He has taken me from a 8-10 handicap to a current all-time low of 3.9 index. I am extremely confident playing golf now since Michael makes sure that you understand what he’s working on with you and where we are trying to go. He also works within your game and I can see that the lessons my friends have with him are very different from mine. He truly tailors his teaching to the individual. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s one of the nicest, most down-to-earth people I’ve ever met and coming up for a lesson is truly a fun experience.”

– Viren C

“I have been working with Michael for quite some time. He is very enthusiastic and fun while being serious about what he is trying to accomplish with my game. Michael puts what he is trying to say in a more simplistic way so I can understand."

– Austin L

Carl and Dennis Paulson

“I’ve had a few full swing lessons in my 35 years but I had never had any lessons on short game or putting. Although there are some radical changes for me, what you both taught me about learning from my bad shots and improving my game with your guys’ methods, will stay with me as long as I continue to play the game.”

Scotty G

Larry Rinker

"Larry has always been one of the best putters on Tour. His eye for the stroke is second to none. He knows exactly what to look for! "

– Chris DiMarco, Three Time PGA Tour Winner, Ryder Cup Member

Derek Hooper

“Thank you for my time spent with you at the academy, my golf swing and striking the golf ball has greatly improved. I am hitting the ball much better than I have ever hit it before.”

-Glen H