Tiger, “He Used To Be My Friend”


By Chad Napier


The great thing about golf and any other sport we take an interest in is that it allows us to escape the realities of real news, fake news, lost jobs, bad relationships, and just the plain old bad day.

Conversely, it is also the negative aspect about sports. It gives us a false sense of reality – – – – yes, I am a Tennessee Vol fan. We think the girl we dated in high school, listened to Dr. Dre and drank Zima with is the same girl after reconnecting with her 20 years later. In reality, she has three kids, drives a van, listens to Adele and is in between Great Clip jobs. (Look up the rules about dating a hair stylist or a nurse.)

The Tiger Woods fascination is not new. Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, I still want the trim and muscular Ric Flair, the limber Larry Bird, and the Will Smith who looks closer to Will than Uncle Phil. It is hard for us to move on to real reality.

Tiger is done. I loved watching him dominate the golf spectrum when he won majors by double digits and commentators instantly switched holes after hearing those “Tiger Roars”.

I loved the fist pumps and his fellow golfers needing to go into the Porta-Potty when he was announced on the first tee. Those days are gone.

He is not catching Jack’s 18 majors. I seriously doubt he will even make a cut in another four majors, much less win four more. Just as PM Dawn sang about in the 90’s, “reality used to be a friend of mine”.

He was and not “is” because that reality was what made us what we are today. Each of the above mentioned are etched in our minds during a positive time of life when we were younger and didn’t have many of the responsibilities we have today. Why else would my Dad still listen to 60’s music?!?!

Ric Flair still has the white hair and Tiger can still wear red on Sunday, but while both will always be Champions, neither will win another championship.

Don’t let these notions spoil the “real reality”. We have a golf landscape of 10-15 golfers who are capable of giving us a “Tiger” performance any given week on the PGA Tour.

Just as Charles Barkley always reminds us “Father Time is undefeated.” The guys we have now wont be the same in ten years – live it before its gone!

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