Tiger Woods avoiding President Trump at Presidents Cup

Tiger Woods


Although we have no explanation for this, pictures taken as President Trump was congratulating Team USA after their win Sunday show Tiger Woods seemingly avoiding the President.

President Trump is the first sitting President to ever attend the trophy ceremony at the Presidents Cup and it was a popular visit for both teams. Players shaking hands with POTUS, taking pictures, and going out of their way to meet him.  All except Woods it appeared.

In this picture Woods is in the very back, with his U.S. hat removed and far removed from the celebration.

Tiger Woods


While other players were seeking out the President to shake hands and get a picture, Woods was doing just the opposite.

Where is Tiger?

TIger Woods

Dustin Johnson talking to President Trump.

In video you could hear President Trump shout, where is Tiger, while he tried to look over the other players to find Woods. He finally saw him at the back of the crowd and walked around to meet Woods.

Woods with back turned and hat off talking to President Trump.

TIger Woods

It is unknown what the President said to Woods but here he is giving the fourteen time major winner a hug and perhaps words of encouragement.

Tiger Woods with President Trump

Woods who was a Assistant Captain was reported to have been very active in helping Captain Stricker come up with a strategy and pairings, even calling Stricker weeks before the event with ideas as they came to him. According to Stricker, Woods took his role very seriously.

During the pairings announcements live on the Golf Channel, Woods sat behind Stricker and when asked gave his input but clearly did not want to over shadow Stricker or the other Assistant Captains.

One particular role he played as an Assistant Captain was to deliver bad news to players who sat out.  Captain Stricker said he just couldn’t tell a player he was sitting during a particular session, to which Woods responded, “I’ll do it.”

Assistant Jim Furyk said, “When Tiger Woods knocks on your door and tells you that you aren’t playing, what can you say? Nobody is going to argue with Tiger Woods about golf.”

Woods keeping a low profile may of been our of respect to Stricker and the players as he clearly did not want to be the story this past week. It was all about Team USA and winning the Presidents Cup.  Tip of the hat to Tiger for being a class act!


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