Tiger Woods doctors give him green light to practice without restrictions

Tiger Woods


Tiger Woods has been given the ok by doctors to practice with no restrictions after his fourth back surgery this past April.

If you think you are reading an old article, that is understandable. This one reads like many in the past with the only difference being the date. As one reader on Twitter told me yesterday, “here we go again.”

Aug. 31 he tweeted a video of him chipping, Oct. 7 came another video of an iron shot. We got our latest update on Sunday of him hitting a driver, and appears to be at full speed instead of slow motion video like the previous two.

But again, same story. Surgery, rehab, rumors of Woods seen practicing at his club in Florida. Golf Channels Notah Begay reporting Woods shoots a 65, but while riding in a cart. Just some of the things we have heard after previous surgeries as die hard fans hang on to even the smallest chance that Tiger will return and win again.

At least after this surgery Woods has eliminated the need for reports of rumors from friends and reporters on how he is progressing, only to find out later these reports were mostly incorrect.

Now Woods is showing us straight from him to the world, video proof of his practice shots as he works toward a return to golf. What they don’t show is how many he is able to hit, how is his stamina, his overall health at this point, and many other things needed to complete a long and difficult comeback.

TIger Woods, Hank Haney

Top instructor and MyGolfDaily Ambassador Hank Haney commented on Woods latest video and gave it good marks.

“That’s a swing he could win with, it’s not across the line and stuck inside coming down, a little stiff looking but it’s good enough.”

Haney coached Woods to his last six major championship wins and an incredible record of winning more than 1 out of every 3 events Woods entered.

Woods agent told the Associated Press , “We haven’t even addressed when he comes back to play again. We have not addressed one thing,” said Mark Steinberg. “He wants to play this so conservatively.”

Steinberg said Woods received a “good report” last week from doctors who performed fusion surgery on his lower back in April.

Not to dampen the hopes of his millions of fans, but we have heard this before only to see him once again require more surgery.  As Jordan Spieth commented a year ago when asked about Wood and his back surgeries, “They say the only way to avoid five back surgeries is to never have the first one.”  Unfortunately we are much closer to the fifth than the first.

“He has started to hit balls at a more aggressive rate,” Steinberg said. “He feels really good, but he’s going to take it very slowly. I think he’s excited that he’s not feeling pain. That’s what gets him excited, being able to bend down and pick up his kids.
“He’s taking it from wedges and short irons to the longer clubs. But he’s still doing it in a really cautious manner.”

“I’m still training. I’m getting stronger,” Woods said on Sept. 27. “But I certainly don’t have my golf muscles trained.”

Perhaps the fourth time is the one and Woods will make one of the most impressive comebacks in sports history.

I wouldn’t bet against him……

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