Tiger Woods was not even close to being ready for Augusta


Tiger Woods knows being a four time champion of the Masters gives him experience, but cannot make up for his injuries.

Still Woods wanted to play next week in Augusta. It would be the 20th anniversary of his first win in 1997.  Sentimental or not, it would be a special week if he could play.

According to an article by ESPN.com and his agent Mark Steinberg, Woods did not decide whether to play till Friday.

Steinberg acknowledged that Tiger was not fully engaged in practice until earlier this week. That suggests a guy nowhere near ready to play tournament golf.

According to Bob Harig, “Steinberg suggested that Tiger wasn’t hitting balls “full on” until this week.”

That fact also suggests that his “back spasms” are much more than just that and his back, despite three surgeries is a long way from allowing him to play golf.

Many criticize Woods for his last minute announcements for the Masters and other tournaments. Some suggest he loves the game so much and wants to play so bad he keeps trying till the last minute to get ready.

Will he be ready next April?  Only time, and determination will tell.

He will be at the Champions dinner on Tuesday night, but I doubt he will stay and be a spectator for the rest of the week. In addition to the physical pain, it would just add emotional pain as well not being able to play.

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