Tiger Woods thinks something should be done about the golf ball

Tiger Woods


Tiger Woods is not only returning to competition but giving his opinion on issues in golf via  podcast.

Geno Auriemma

Tiger joined Geno Auriemma on his podcast to talk golf. Auriemma is the legendary coach of UConn women’s basketball team.

“We need to do something about the golf ball. I just think the ball is going too far”, said Woods.

Woods said for a course to host a PGA Tour event with today’s equipment it needs to be at least 7,400-7,800 yards and can see the day that will be 8,000 yards.

“And if the game keeps progressing the way it is with technology, I think the 8,000-yard golf course is not too far away. And that’s pretty scary because we don’t have enough property to start designing these type of golf courses and it just makes it so much more complicated,” said Woods.

Woods back surgeries and injuries are well documented, yet he is hitting the ball further than ever.

“I can’t believe how far I’m hitting the golf ball,” he said. “I’m back to hitting it my full numbers [yardages] and not really trying to do that.”

Woods joins Nicklaus and other well respected PGA Tour players in voicing concern on today’s technology in golf equipment.

Woods makes his return to competitive golf at the Hero World Challenge in December.

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