Top Quotes From The Tour Championship

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Top Quotes From The Tour Championship


I owe him everything. I mean he’s such a big help this year. This year is as much his as it is mine.   –Justin Thomas on his caddie-Jimmy Johnson

Pat Perez is only player on Tour that gets to the hole before his putt does.- David Feherty

Hey, Grandpa, can I call you back? I’m in the middle of a press conference. All right, I’ll call you back, Grandpa. See you. – Justin Thomas taking a call from Grandfather in media center after winning the FedExCup.

You guys probably won’t believe me, but I don’t know why I’ve never thought about money once. Yeah, if you miss a putt on the last hole, you realize what you didn’t make versus what you could make sort of thing. But I’ve never once in my career had a putt and thought, oh, I need this for a lot of money on the last hole. I wasn’t like on that last hole, oh, I make this putt it’s a difference of one and whatever million versus whatever I made. –Justin Thomas

You know, five months ago, two months ago, three hours ago I wasn’t really expecting a whole lot and to be sitting here with this bad boy right here is very special and I can’t thank my team enough and everyone that’s helped me to get here. –Xander Schauffele

No chance.- Xander Schauffele when asked if winning the Tour Championship will make it easier for people to pronounce his name.

I love this golf course, I love this tournament. If I putt well, if I putt better, then we’re in the thick of things.-Jordan Spieth

Quicken Loans has been our partner in DC and we are in discussions with Quicken on extending our partnership, but as we sit here today we have not concluded those discussions. So we’re in a position where we’ve got to put forward the schedule and that’s why we’ve put the National on the brand-Commissioner Jay Monahan

Well, I think that our brand is sacred and our brand has been established by the legends of the game and it goes back for decades. We established this program not because we think there’s a problem, it’s just the world is dynamic, gaming is a reality in every sport. You look at every other major sport, they have similar programs in place and we just wanted to be proactive and we want to know what the activity is in the international marketplace in markets where gaming is legal, that’s why we’ve hired Genius Sports. We think it’s the right thing to do when your brand is as strong as ours is to really understand what the activities are and to be proactive. That’s the basis for that decision. –Commissioner Jay Monahan

Yeah, I’m hungry all the time. If I’m playing, I’m trying to make money. I’m trying to make as much as I can. I’m trying to do as well as I can. If there’s opportunities there and you have the chance to take them, I’m trying to take them. –Pat Perez

It does surprise me a little bit. That’s quite a long stint without him winning because he is such a good caliber player. Very solid off the tee, ball striking’s nice and the short game is actually quite good as well, so that’s a little surprising to me. –Jason Day on Paul Casey

“We have something that is unique to our Tour and our sport and that’s what happens on Wednesdays. Having worked in other sports, when you get on the tee on Wednesday and you see a player playing in their uniform, the same way they are going to look over the next four days. Treating that event professionally, there’s a lot of value to that. You have to protect that.” –Commissioner Monahan  on why the PGA Tour does not allow players to wear shorts during a practice round.

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